20 January 2010

19-31 Jan: Singapore mosses and sponges on display at the Science Centre Singapore

Singapore's tiny mosses and blobby sponges are often overlooked. But they are quite beautiful and fascinating! As I found out during the launch of two new guidebooks on Singapore mosses and Singapore sponges.
As part of the launch of the guidebooks, our mosses and sponges are on special display at the Science Centre Singapore.

Visit the display to see some intriguing mosses.
And awesome sponges.
And buy the new guidebooks so you can learn more about them for yourself. The guidebooks are available for sale at the Science Centre Singapore's Curiosity Shop: at $5.35 (Mosses) and $6.42 (Sponges). These books should also be available at major bookshops, particularly Kinokuniya.

More about the launch of the guidebooks and about the guidebook on sponges on the wild shores of singapore blog.

Website and contact: http://www.sci-ctr.edu.sg/

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