27 April 2012

Join this community art effort to celebrate our biodiversity!

Show your love for our biodiversity and take part in this community artwork project!
To celebrate our upcoming Festival of Biodiversity, we are creating a mural mosaic of the logo of the festival.

09 April 2012

22 Apr: Earth Day in Singapore

Lots of biodiversity activities to celebrate Earth Day in Singapore next week!
What is Earth Day?
There's often much confusion about Earth Day.

04 April 2012

26-27 May (Sat-Sun): Festival of Biodiversity 2012

Come for the massive Festival of Biodiversity! The passionate nature community comes together to share the mind-boggling biodiversity from our forests to seashores, even our backyards and parks!
Be bedazzled by butterflies and birds, awed by trees and seagrasses, tickle your curiousity with crabs and colugos. Singapore is wilder that you might imagine. Find out more about our biodiversity and what you can do to make a difference!

Here's some of fun that is planned for the Festival!

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