27 April 2012

Join this community art effort to celebrate our biodiversity!

Show your love for our biodiversity and take part in this community artwork project!
To celebrate our upcoming Festival of Biodiversity, we are creating a mural mosaic of the logo of the festival.

Open to the public, each participant will get to paint a tile which is uniquely yours, but when put together, will form one cohesive, vibrantly diverse image. It signifies how diversity is all linked, each animal, plant and person a part of a complex circle of life. The completed mural mosaic will be on display during the main Festival of Biodiversity on 26 & 27 May 2012 (Saturday & Sunday). Head down to the Festival to take a look at the completed artwork and join the many fun-filled, nature-centric activities lined up!

On 12 May (Saturday): Volunteer artist Tham Pui San will be demonstrating the basics of using acrylic paints, various effects, and how to best use acrylic paint on plywood tiles and how the final artpiece will come together.

On 19 May (Saturday): We will be having the hands-on workshop session where all participants will get tiles to paint on!

More details on the community artwork project. To join, please fill up this form.

Dates: 12 May (Sat) and 19 May (Sat). Participants are required to attend both days.
Time: 9am-12noon (for both days)
Venue: Ridley Hall, Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens
Website and contact: http://festivalofbiodiversitysingapore.wordpress.com/

There's also lots of updates on activities planned for the actual Festival on 26 and 27 May (Sat, Sun).  So even if you can't come for the art effort, do come and visit the Festival!

Free film screening!
26 May (Sat): "Hardy Driftwood in A Wetlands Adventure" an animated movie for kids.
27 May (Sun): "The Return of the King" about the return of the Oriental Pied Hornbill to Singapore.

26 May (Sat)

27 May (Sun)

Walks! Join the Rainforest Tour and discover the enchantment of our tropical rainforest with our volunteer guides! Meet at the Visitor Centre 15 minutes before the start of the tour. Walks are limited to 20 persons per tour.
  • 26 May (Sat): 10am to 11am, 11am to noon
  • 27 May (sun): 9am to 10am, 4pm to 5pm

Story-telling sessions!
Be enchanted by the stories of "The Giving Tree", "The Lorax" and more! Brought to you by the Bukit Merah Regional Library, these sessions will encourage your child to start appreciating nature that is all around us! At Ridley Hall, limited to 20 persons per session.
26 May (Sat): 11am to 11.45am, 3pm to 3.45pm

More details in this earlier post.

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