21 June 2010

Mega workshop series for all shore guides (Jul-Aug 10)

Specially for Singapore shore guides: veteran, newbie, wannabe! A series of intensive workshops that covers all our favourite shore ecosystems, and ends with a field session!
The focus is on developing and learning guiding techniques. So that we can better raise awareness about our shores. The series is very hands on, with lots of discussion and sharing. The finale is a field assessment session on an actual shore!

All shore guides from all groups are welcomed to attend! So it's also a unique opportunity to meet other shore guides. Together, everyone can share, learn and DO!

"Wetland in a City" - NEW book by Dr Chua Ee Kiam

Dr Chua Ee Kiam's latest book has just been launched! I think it is his best book ever!
Although I have been to Sungei Buloh countless times, Dr Chua shares awesome images of my favourite place that I cannot imagine, or have simply failed to see!

Sungei Buloh to be bigger and better!

Have you visited Sungei Buloh and waited patiently for some shy animal to emerge. Only to have a crowd of noisy visitors scare it away? Or have you been at Buloh with your friends having a good time only to be 'shushed' by other grumpy visitors? These situations may soon be less frequent!
A Master Plan for a bigger and better Sungei Buloh as been unveiled! The Plan will make space both for wildlife and wildlife watchers AND others who prefer to enjoy nature out loud. How will this be possible?!

03 June 2010

5 Jun is World Environment Day!

There's lots of activities for us to learn and enjoy our biodiversity this weekend!
From Purple Mangroves, who conduct the origami sessions.

On 6 Jun (Sun), go for a special Mandarin guided walk of our mangroves at Sungei Buloh. 9.45-11.30am. At 2-3.30pm join their origami session to make delightful creatures of the mangroves. The activities are free but entrance fees apply: $1 per adult, 50cents per child/student/senior citizen.

Lots more activities on 5 Jun (Sat)!

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