31 May 2010

Nature lovers band together amidst oil spill tragedy

Volunteers band together in clean-up efforts on Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. Photo shared by Tan Hang Chong on the oil spill Facebook page.

Following the tragic news of the oil spill off Changi East in the early hours of 25 May 2010, many were bracing for the worst: just how much of our shores will be spared?

23 May 2010

BiodiverCity 'Voters' Choice' competition

The BiodiverCity photo competition is over but you can still win prizes by voting for your favourite photo!
Vote for your favourite photos and you could win iPod and other prizes.

22 May 2010

Nature Keeper - a biodiversity programme for our primary school students

Nature Keepers is the first programme in Singapore for primary school students that focuses on Singapore's forests.
Designed to interest kids and stimulate their appreciation of our forests, the programme will take place at the Bukit Timah and Central Catchment Nature Reserves.

Beyond the workshops, the programme also aims to nurture young volunteers in protecting our natural heritage over the longer term.

Bridge for biodiversity: Eco-Link to reconnect Bukit Timah and Central Nature Reserves

When the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) was completed in 1986, it divided our last primary rainforest.
To heal this gap, NParks and the Land Transport Authority are working on a bridge to allow trees and animals across the BKE! It will be a first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

21 May 2010

Nature in Singapore: Frogs, fig snails, aliens and rediscovery of plants

The latest findings of Singapore's biodiversity is out on Nature in Singapore by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.
Find out the latest to intriguing questions such as: How many kinds of frogs are found at Sungei Buloh?

20 May 2010

Saving Singapore's wild orchids

Singapore used to have 226 native wild orchid species. Now there are only 48 species left, and only five are common. The remainder are rare or critically endangered.
Dr Yam Tim Wing is holding a specimen of Dendrobium leonis which is extinct in the wild and will be reintroduced. Photo from Straits Times, Ng Sor Luan

To protect our remaining orchid biodiversity, NParks has launched a programme to reintroduce our wild orchids, even in the heart of the city!

22 May-20 Jun: BiodiverCity Photo Exhibition @ Orchard

The final selection of photos for the 'BiodiverCity' photo competition will be exhibited at Orchard! The exhibition celebrates the rich biodiversity found in our urban environment. Singapore is often known as a bustling city state and a centre for commerce. Through the lenses of residents, we hope to show that it is also a haven for biodiversity.

17 May 2010

22 May (Sat) is World Biodiversity Day

More properly called International Day for Biological Diversity, this special weekend in a special year is packed with biodiversity activities in Singapore!
Find out about otters, hornbills, mousedeer. Try your hand at prawn farming. Explore the Chek Jawa boardwalk. And top it off with a Gala Dinner that saves animals. And don't miss the rare Raffles Museum Open House on Sunday!

14 May 2010

Biodiversity for kids during the June holidays!

Exciting nature activities for kids are lined up for this June school holidays! Lots of fun ways to learn more about Singapore's biodiversity!
from the Cicada Tree Eco Place website.

Join a one-day Young Naturalist Passport Camp, learn about plants and animals at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, and enjoy a wide range of family activities at the HortPark Family Fiesta 2010.

13 May 2010

Getting close to aquatic biodiversity at MacRitchie

Kids can now splash in the 'longkang' again!
Image from the PUB media release.

A submerged boardwalk will be built at MacRitchie Reservoir so that visitors can walk "through shallow waters (ankle-deep) to see water plants growing alongside the boardwalk and be in close contact with tadpoles, fish, snails and other aquatic life."

12 May 2010

New book: 'Birds In A Garden City'

This coffee table book features 156 bird species photographed in Singapore by Lianhe Zaobao chief photographer Lee Tiah Khee.

The book aims to promote an appreciation for a greener living environment through the art of photography, and to broaden the creative horizon of nature photographers. It also serves to raise awareness that our Garden City is home to many species of birds living in diverse habitats.

Saving Singapore's last best mangroves at Pulau Tekong

A never-before-attempted approach to coastal protection and restoration is being tried out by NParks to save possibly the last largest pristine stretch of mangroves in Singapore.
From the Straits Times. Click on image for larger view.

More than 1,000 mangrove trees on Pulau Tekong's north-eastern coastline are at risk from serious erosion due to boat traffic.

11 May 2010

23 May (Sun): Raffles Museum Open House!

In celebration of International Museum Day, a wonderful range of activities have been organised especially for kids.
Enjoy guided tours, a 'touchy-feely' station, get souvenirs and more! This is a rare opportunity to visit the Museum on a weekend, so don't miss it!

Global Biodiversity Outlook: bleak but not too late yet

The report card on global biodiversity is out.

And the results are not good. But there is still hope.

08 May 2010

IUCN features Singapore's rare mangrove tree!

Singapore's very own Bruguiera hainesii is featured in the IUCN's Species of the Day!
This photo was taken by Chua Jit Chern, who works with Dr John Yong, during a field trip with NParks officers when they discovered this globally rare mangrove tree in Singapore!

06 May 2010

The Singing Forest and Forest of Giants at the Southern Ridges

Soon the forests at the Southern Ridges will sing!
Native trees are being planted to provide nectar, attract insects, which in turn attract birds, as well as provide fruits for fruit-eating birds. This, as well as the Forest of Giants were recently launched by NParks as part of International Year of Biodiversity celebrations.

05 May 2010

Civets of Siglap: Singapore' last wild urban carnivores

The Common palm civet aka musang or civet cat, is believed to be the last small wild carnivore in Singapore.
A study at Siglap showed that there are 20-30 civets there! And that they are breeding!

03 May 2010

8 May (Sat) is World Migratory Bird Day

In line with International Year of Biodiversity the theme for World Migratory Bird Day in 2010 is "Save migratory birds in crisis – every species counts!" and focuses on Globally Threatened Migratory Birds.
World Migratory Bird Day highlights the need to protect migratory birds and their habitats. It is celebrated world wide on the second weekend each May since 2006.

What are migratory birds?

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