30 April 2010

"Biodiversity loss rampant: everyone must act now"

In 2002, world leaders agreed to reduce the global rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. Sadly, a recent study found that "biodiversity is still being lost as fast as ever, and we have made little headway in reducing the pressures on species, habitats and ecosystems."
Drift net victim
Published in the journal Science, the study confirms what conservationists have known for several years.

16 April 2010

Saving a living dinosaur in Singapore

"Imagine that a prehistoric creature exists here in Singapore, right under your very nose. Now, imagine that this same creature has been dying out slowly. Would you do everything in your power to save it from extinction?"
From the latest issue of My Green Space - Issue 5 Vol 2/2010, the NParks Newsletter, I found out more:

14 April 2010

I and the Tiger: you CAN make a difference for tigers

Singapore no longer has wild tigers in our forests. Nevertheless, Singapore continues to wipe out wild tigers.
The last wild tiger, killed in Choa Chu Kang in the 1930s from ramblinglibrarian

Although selling tiger parts is banned in Singapore, an undercover investigation by Acres last month found 59 out of 134 jewellery and antique shops offered alleged tiger parts, including claws, teeth and pieces of skin.

Singaporeans' attitude to the plight of wild tigers are such that a major magazine didn't seem to find anything wrong in featuring this cover.

13 April 2010

Grasshoppers in our 'wastelands'

'Wastelands' may be abandoned by humans. But they are not abandoned by nature. In fact, these areas are often full of interesting wildlife.
Here's some beautiful critters of the Order Orthoptera (grasshoppers and friends) found living in the 'wastelands' of Bedok during M. K. Tan's study. This study revealed 10 species of grasshoppers, 4 of katydids and 4 of crickets in just one series of sites!

17 Apr (Sat): Talk on "Conservation of Native Orchids in Singapore"

Dr Yam Tim Wing will share about the orchid conservation programme that has successfully propagated and re-introduced 5 species of native orchids.
These include the spectacular Tiger orchid (Grammatophyllum speciosum).
And the intriguing Bulbophyllum. These orchids are not only rare and beautiful, but some of them mass bloom providing a spectacular sight!

12 April 2010

17 Apr (Sat): Talk on "Sponges and You"

What are sponges? Lim Swee Cheng, author of "A Guide to Sponges of Singapore" will tell you how sponges rank among the oldest and most fascinating animals in the world. Yes, sponges are animals!
What are the other kinds of sponges that can be found in Singapore waters and just how many are they? He will also share with you his discoveries from two years of searching and identification of sponges in Singapore waters.

10 April 2010

Singapore is home to the rarest mangrove in the world!

Considered one of the two mangrove trees that are so rare globally that they are at high risk of extinction and may disappear within the next decade, Bruguiera hainesii is found in Singapore!
Bruguiera hainesii at Pasir Ris.

According to a recent global study of mangroves, it is "estimated that there are less than 250 mature individuals remaining" in the world. Singapore has three of these rare trees! Two are at Pulau Ubin and one at Pasir Ris!

09 April 2010

16 Apr (Fri): A series of talks "Zoological Explorations in Singapore"

An evening dedicated to conserving Singapore's biodiversity! In celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity 2010, presented by the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore.
Here's a summary of the talks from the Department of Biological Sciences website.

07 April 2010

Orgy on Singapore Reefs: coral mass spawning

Our corals have just mass spawned! After much anticipation, a different kind of Easter Egg were in abundance in our waters on Easter Sunday.
Photos by Neo Mei Lin
Photos by Tan Heok Hui

Why is coral mass spawning in Singapore a big deal?

06 April 2010

11 Apr (Sun): MAD lessons on Pangolins with Cicada Tree Eco-Place

A great opportunity for kids between the ages of 5 and 10 to learn about our very own pangolins!
Photo by Norman LimIf you’d like to learn more about our precious pangolins and how you can make a difference in their lives, join Cicada Tree Eco-Place for a Mad Lesson on Pangolins.

10 Apr (Sat): Talk on "Native Trees of Pulau Ubin"

Pulau Ubin is home to some amazing trees, including huge survivors that have attained Heritage Tree status. It is thus a special treat to learn more about them from Ali Ibrahim!

05 April 2010

New guided walk: Trees of the Fort 10 Apr (Sat)

A brand new walk at Fort Canning Park! Embark on this adventure and discover the secret lives of our heritage trees.
Nature-loving guides from The Green Volunteers will walk you through this public park that has undergone a series of historical transformation through the centuries.

02 April 2010

29 May (Sat): Biodiversity Race 2010

A fun way to discover and learn about Singapore's biodiversity! There are prizes worth $1000 to be won! Registrations close 30 Apr.
Join the Biodiversity Race 2010 along the brand new Western Adventure Park Connector Network. This network includes wilder places such as Diary Farm and Bukit Batok Nature Parks as well as scenic spots such as 'Little Guilin' and many neighbourhood parks.

What's at the The Western Adventure Park Connector Network?

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