30 October 2010

My Green Space: A flying 'tree doctor', rare tree rescue and more!

The latest issue of NParks My Green Space is packed once again with interesting articles about Singapore's biodiversity!
Our trees are looked after by human “tree doctors”. As well as a species of birds that carries out a similar job. Meet the Laced Woodpecker, a bird that plays an interesting and vital role in maintaining the health of trees. Find out how this bird helps our trees in A Most Odd Tree Doctor.

29 October 2010

20 and 27 Nov (Sat): A Walk with Your Neighbours: The Macaques of Bukit Timah

Learn more about the misunderstood macaques in our forests.
Long-tail macaques (Macaca fascicularis)
Just like us, they have family networks, power struggles, friends and enemies. This walk is led by by resident primatologist Dr Michael Gumert, who also teaches at Nanyang Technological University.

08 October 2010

16 Oct (Sat): Talk on "Butterflies of Singapore"

Fluttery beauties, with intriguing names like Studded Sergeant, Sumatran Sunbeam and Gray Tinsel. What are they and what's with all the mysterious military names? Where can we find them?
Learn more about Singapore's delightful butterflies! Come for this talk by Khew Sin Khoon, the author of the brand new "A Field Guide to Butterflies of Singapore" (to be launched on 10 Oct).

05 October 2010

13 Oct (Wed): Launch of the WWF 2010 Living Planet report in Singapore

On 13 October, WWF will release the 2010 edition of the Living Planet Report ahead of the UN Convention of Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan.

The Report is built around two indicators: the Living Planet Index, which reflects the health of the planet’s ecosystems; and the Ecological Footprint, which shows the extent of human demand on these ecosystems.

30 Oct (Sat): Public Forum on Biodiversity - Singapore's plant and freshwater biodiversity

To celebrate International Year of Biodiversity, the Singapore Institute of Biology (SIBiol) and Science Centre Singapore presents this Public Forum on Biodiversity.
What biological, medical and bioengineering lessons can we glean from plants? Does Singapore still have interesting freshwater life? Find out at these talks by Dr. Benito C. Tan and Dr. Darren Yeo which promise to be fun and educational!

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