25 September 2010

Rainforest in the City to be bigger and better!

Did you know that there is a real primary rainforest just minutes from Orchard Road? It's at the Botanic Gardens! The 1889 Gardens’ catalogue described it: ‘With one or two exceptions, this is the only piece of original jungle left on the island ... It gives the visitors some idea of the wonderful richness of tropical vegetation.’
This 6 hectare primary rain forest will now be expanded to include a 9.8 hectare Learning Forest to showcase the best of tropical trees. Through thematic walks, visitors will be able to see giant trees, a conservation collection of rare fruit and nut species and a bamboo garden. National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan announced this at the opening of the 'Wealth of the Rain Forest' exhibition at the Singapore Botanic Gardens on Friday morning.

17 September 2010

The Birds of Singapore - an online book

The Bird Ecology Study Group is broadening its base with the launching of a website on The Birds of Singapore.
The website will also allow everyone to contribute and thus be actively involved in creating the online book!

06 September 2010

Our fireflies: in the latest issue of Wetlands

Fireflies twinkling in mangrove trees are a captivating sight! But what do we know about these tiny creatures?
The fascinating findings of a meticulous study is shared in the latest issue of Wetlands, a magazine of the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

04 September 2010

How's Singapore doing in efforts to conserve our biodiversity?

Singapore is in the final stages of developing the world's first Cities' Biodiversity Index. This self assessment tool helps cities benchmark their biodiversity conservation efforts.
Living lagoon of Kusu Island with city skyline
And how is Singapore itself faring on this Index?

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