17 September 2010

The Birds of Singapore - an online book

The Bird Ecology Study Group is broadening its base with the launching of a website on The Birds of Singapore.
The website will also allow everyone to contribute and thus be actively involved in creating the online book!

Prof YC Wee shares more about the website: Currently the website carries checklists and full descriptions of a limited number of birds that include large images, vocals. BESG is launching the book at this early stage to allow bird enthusiasts to share in the excitement as the book unfolds to its full potential. More and more species will be included as time goes on as we aim at an initial target of 100 species.

An online book will have no limitations on the amount of information to be included. It will also allow instant updates of systematics, etc. as well as new aspects of behaviour as they become documented.

Find out more about on the Bird Ecology Study Group blog and visit The Birds of Singapore online book.

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