29 December 2011

2012: A decade of biodiversity and focus on marine biodiversity

As International Year of the Forest 2011 winds down, what will be the focus in 2012? While no specific biodiversity aspect will be highlighted in 2012 as a "UN International Year of", 2011-2020 has been designated UN Decade of Biodiversity!
The Decade of Biodiversity have five strategic goals and 20 ambitious yet achievable targets.

02 December 2011

MORE biodiversity happenings for kids for the holidays!

Next Saturday, lots of fun activities for kids this school holidays! Join the Raffles Museum Toddycats and discover Singapore's natural heritage!

The exhibition will showcase animal specimens, skulls, skeletons and even a REAL DINOSAUR BONE. We will also have fun activities and exciting biodiversity talks lined up for the day

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