31 March 2011

Hurray for hornbills!

Find out more about hornbills in Singapore and beyond in the latest The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 2011 Supplement 24!
What is the Singapore Hornbill Project and what has it achieved?

15 March 2011

Celebrating Dugongs in 2011!

2011 is Pacific Year of the Dugong!

What are dugongs? Does Singapore have any dugongs? What can I do for dugongs in Singapore?

01 March 2011

Raffles Bulletin of Zoology: New animals named after Singapore!

A land snail and a mangrove slug have been named after Singapore! The latest issue of the Raffles Bulletin of Zoology (RBZ 59(1): 1–115. 28 February 2011) features these and other fascinating papers.
The Singapore population of these beautiful green land snails have been described as Amphidromus atricallosus temasek, a new subspecies!

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