30 July 2010

BeMUSE features Singapore's biodiversity!

The latest issue of BeMUSE Jul-Sep 10 has lots of articles about Singapore's biodiversity!
From the Banded leaf monkey, to Singapore's awesome mangroves, and more about the early history of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) with an interview with the current RMBR director Prof Peter Ng.

28 July 2010

5 Aug (Thu): Talk on "The Red Jungle Fowls: here again or lost forever?"

What's the difference between a domestic chicken and the Red Jungle Fowl? How many of these special birds do we have in Singapore?
Find out in this talk by Amanda Tan in the first Toddycats Engage! event.

26 July 2010

Breeding boost to Singapore's native frogs?

In her study of our sticky frogs, Teo Yea Tian provided artificial habitats in plastic and bamboo cups and plastic and ceramic basins to see if these encouraged the frogs to breed.
Black-spotted Sticky Frog
The black-spotted sticky frog got its name because it secretes a glue-like mucus when threatened. It is tiny with a huge call! And is horribly difficult to spot.

23 July 2010

A new home for Singapore's natural history in 2014!

There will be a new home for the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research in 2014!
A brand new building at the National University of Singapore will showcase Singapore's biodiversity for everyone to better appreciate the awesome biodiversity of Singapore and more!

21 July 2010

31 Jul (Sat): Talk on "Hornbill Nesting - The 'Intelligent' Nest"

What happens during the mysterious ‘confinement’ of the female Oriental Pied Hornbill during breeding? The breeding female is sealed up in a tree cavity to lay and raise her young, and stays sealed inside the nest 24/7 for up to 3 months!
Many observations over the last five years has revealed more about what goes on in the dark nest!

19 July 2010

"Our HOME" - a nature education programme for children by Cicada Tree Eco Place

Just as we treasure Singapore as our home, so too do many native plants and animals call Singapore’s wild habitats their home. Sadly, most kids and grown-ups know very little about our natural areas where many wild species live.
Through “Our Home” lessons, kids will learn about animals, plants and the ecology of Singapore’s wild habitats: freshwater ponds and streams, rainforest, grassland, mangroves and the seashore!

09 July 2010

16 Jul (Fri): The Wallace Talk: "An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles" by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Charles Darwin has been lionized as one of the giants of western thought for his theory of evolution.
from "The Man who wasn't Darwin" National Geographic Jul 2010.

But what about Alfred Russel Wallace, a contemporary of Darwin’s who independently developed the theory of natural selection during his eight-year sojourn in Southeast Asia? Why did Darwin become a household name while Wallace became a historical footnote?

05 July 2010

Bats in Singapore: one new record and two rediscovered

Unseen and unappreciated, we know very little about these secretive and fascinating mammals.
Common Fruit Bat feeding on nectar of Golden Penda flower.
But thanks to a two-year survey by NParks and volunteers, led by the intrepid Dr Leong Tzi Ming, we now know more about our bats!

04 July 2010

Wetlands magazine now online!

Wetlands, a magazine of the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is now online for free download!
This is the first issue of Wetlands that is online in pdf form!

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