04 July 2010

Wetlands magazine now online!

Wetlands, a magazine of the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is now online for free download!
This is the first issue of Wetlands that is online in pdf form!

In this issue, lots of spiders and spidery stories with awesome photos by Mendis! On the cover, a lovely photo of the elusive trapdoor spider that lives in mudlobster mounds. The burrow opening is tiny (about the diameter of a 5cent coin) and merges perfectly with the mound. More about the spider on Joseph Koh's online spider guide and about a trip with the Buloh volunteers to look for it.

Also an article about water quality at the Reserve by Kwok Chen Ko's students. You can read more about Chen Ko's work on water quality in Singapore on his blog. Chen Ko and his team also join TeamSeagrass to do water quality work in our seagrass meadows.
In the feature on Buloh volunteers, how wonderful to see a feature of the gallant duo who are running the mandarin walks at the Reserve, as well as the delightful origami sessions there. Find out more on their mandarin blog about Buloh and other Singapore wildlife.
So download Wetlands and enjoy! You can also find old issues of Wetlands here. And can also get a paper copy of the current magazine from the Reserve.

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