21 June 2010

Mega workshop series for all shore guides (Jul-Aug 10)

Specially for Singapore shore guides: veteran, newbie, wannabe! A series of intensive workshops that covers all our favourite shore ecosystems, and ends with a field session!
The focus is on developing and learning guiding techniques. So that we can better raise awareness about our shores. The series is very hands on, with lots of discussion and sharing. The finale is a field assessment session on an actual shore!

All shore guides from all groups are welcomed to attend! So it's also a unique opportunity to meet other shore guides. Together, everyone can share, learn and DO!

Each session begins with a brief introduction to the framework issues and Q&A. Following which, the participants will be divided into small groups. The bulk of the time is allocated to small-group workshops facilitated by experienced shore guides. It's a fun and meaningful way to learn from one another, and develop new ideas to reach out for our shores!

The "Guides of Singapore Shores (GSS) Workshop" is a collaboration among the Blue Water Volunteers (BWV), The Leafmonkey Workshop and wildsingapore with Supporting Partner, The Singapore Scout Association.


8 July 2010 (Thu): Introduction to Intertidal Guiding*
15 July 2010 (Thu): Reefs and Coral Rubble
22 July 2010 (Thu): Rocky Shore and Coastal Forest
29 July 2010 (Thu): Sandy Shore and Seagrass Meadow
5 August 2010 (Thu): Mangrove animals and plants
* Compulsory Module: You will gain most by attending "Introduction to intertidal guiding", which is thus compulsory.

The workshops will be held at 7pm - 10pm, at The Singapore Scout Association Headquarters, 1 Bishan Street 12 [map]. Registration at 6.45pm.

Each workshop sessions will comprise a one-hour lecture, followed by a two-hour workshop. The workshop is where you will brainstorm guiding techniques, sharing and learning with one another. Participants are encouraged to attend the full 3-hour session to gain the most out of each workshop.

Field session:
14 August 2010 (Sat)

At the end of the series of indoors classroom workshops, a field evaluation session will be conducted on 14 August 2010 (Sat) to give participants a chance to put theory into practice. Workshop trainers and fellow participants will provide individualised feedback to participants at the end of the field session.

To minimise impact on the shore, the number of participants in the field evaluation session will be limited and priority will be given to those who attended at least 75% of the programme including "Introduction to intertidal guiding".

This series of workshops is tailored to benefit existing nature guides and those interested to become shore guides. If you are an experienced shore guide, please join us so that the rest can learn from you. The bulk of the time is allocated to a workshop, where everyone can share, learn and DO!

To enable us to tailor the programme to suit your needs, please complete this registration form to sign up for the various workshops.

Participation is by donation (please give what you can afford). So this GSS is better than the other GSS, the Great Singapore Sale!

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