23 August 2010

3 Sep (Fri): Workshop for Nature Guides - Dragons and Damsels

Specially for nature guides, learn from the experts about our very own dragonflies and damselflies. Tang Hung Bun, an author of the recently launched "A Photographic Guide to the Dragonflies of Singapore" and Robin Ngiam give this workshop.
Organised by the Leafmonkey Workshop, this session introduces the ecology, biology and identification of dragonflies and damselflies. Our local Odonata experts will also share about the dragonflies species and its conservation in Singapore.

20 August 2010

Sivasothi and the best of biodiversity blogs

Congratulations to The Biodiversity Crew @ NUS!The blog has been featured by the Pimm Group among the best biodiversity blogs, right next to legendary blogs such as Mongabay.com!

This recognition is well deserved. The blog is led by the inexhaustible N. Sivasothi and gives me an excuse to share about him.

17 August 2010

Biodiversity for kids during the September holidays!

Exciting nature activities for kids are lined up for the coming school holidays! Lots of fun ways to learn more about Singapore's biodiversity!
Kids are fascinated by mangrove critters!
Join a Nature Camp for kids at Sungei Buloh, learn about nature through drama, find out about our forests, or have an adventure at Pulau Ubin!

Here's highlights of some of the many nature events for kids during the September holidays.

07 August 2010

24 Aug (Tue): "Turtles Towards Extinction: How late are we? Is it too late?"

Is it enough to be breeding animals and learning about them in the zoos and aquariums? Or should future steps endeavour to not only breed them but reintroduce them into the wild?
These and other issues will be discussed at the Multidisciplinary Forum & Turtle Release@Big Sister Island: "Turtles Towards Extinction: How late are we? Is it too late?". Plus the event includes a field trip to tag and release hawksbill turtles at Big Sisters Island!

04 August 2010

New books on Singapore's dragonflies and freshwater life

Launched this week are two brand new books about Singapore's biodiversity!
"Private Lives: An Expose Of Singapore's Freshwaters" provides a glimpse into Singapore's freshwater bodies, to get people interested in some of the 'strange and unusual' aspects.

01 August 2010

Tiger orchids, Otters on Orchard Road and Tree Weeds

The awesome Tiger orchid is featured in NParks Buzz Aug 10 newsletter
According to the article, this orchid is extremely rare if not already extinct in the wild in Singapore. The orchid was last found in the wild in Tuas and Pulau Ubin. Since a mature plant could weigh more than a ton, it is a wonder that such a huge plant could live on the trunk of a tree!

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