01 August 2010

Tiger orchids, Otters on Orchard Road and Tree Weeds

The awesome Tiger orchid is featured in NParks Buzz Aug 10 newsletter
According to the article, this orchid is extremely rare if not already extinct in the wild in Singapore. The orchid was last found in the wild in Tuas and Pulau Ubin. Since a mature plant could weigh more than a ton, it is a wonder that such a huge plant could live on the trunk of a tree!

As part of NParks' orchid conservation and reintroduction programme, the tiger orchid has been planted at various locations including the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Pulau Ubin, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Labrador Park and more. Read the article to find out more about the orchid and how you can contribute to the Orchid Conservation Fund. See also Saving Singapore's wild orchids for more about this Fund and the work being done for our native orchids.

There's also more about our biodiversity in the latest My Green Space, NPark's quarterly newsletter.

Otters in Orchard Road features the ‘BiodiverCity’ exhibition at Orchard Road which displays works by local photographers that showcase the variety of flora and fauna of our urban environment. The article also shares tips on how you can make a difference for our biodiversity.
How delightful to read a comment left by a reader on this article: "Had wanted to write this for a while. I like to say that the photo exhibition of nature along Orchard Road is fantastic! My husband and I stumbled upon the photos by accident while strolling down Orchard Road and we were simply fascinated by the pictures we saw. We had never known Singapore had so many natural gems all around. Our salute to the photographers for the patience in shooting those gorgeous photos and for National Parks to bring this exhibition to everyone, especially in Orchard Road where it was a breath of fresh air in concrete downtown. Thanks!"

Freeing the Forest from Weeds shares about the plight of our forests from exotic plants. And the work being done by volunteers to remove these 'weeds'.
Roy Tan, Senior Outreach Officer at NParks’ Conservation Division, leads this programme which raises awareness on the different types of weeds found in Singapore’s conservation areas, and their impact on the surrounding biodiversity. It also provides a unique opportunity for ordinary people to make a difference for our forests.

See also Bad Biodiversity: Invasive alien species about the impact of non-native species on our biodiversity.

Check out the NParks Buzz Aug 10 newsletter which also features nature activities organised by NParks, and latest My Green Space, NPark's quarterly newsletter which also has lifestyle and other articles.

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