30 October 2010

My Green Space: A flying 'tree doctor', rare tree rescue and more!

The latest issue of NParks My Green Space is packed once again with interesting articles about Singapore's biodiversity!
Our trees are looked after by human “tree doctors”. As well as a species of birds that carries out a similar job. Meet the Laced Woodpecker, a bird that plays an interesting and vital role in maintaining the health of trees. Find out how this bird helps our trees in A Most Odd Tree Doctor.

NParks’ conservation officers from the National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) spotted in February this year, the fruit capsules of a critically endangered native plant, Aeschynanthus albidus, on a tree in the Central Nature Reserve. The capsules were swiftly brought back to NParks for mass propagation.
Hundreds of saplings are now thriving. Read more about the exciting effort in Saving A Rare Native In Singapore

Besides providing tracks for cycling and jogging, our park connectors are also important habitats to an unexpected diversity of wildlife.
Some park connectors, such as Ulu Pandan and Simpang Kiri, are adjacent to lengths of lush secondary forest vegetation, home to numerous forest species. Along the ubiquitous ‘longkang’ that runs parallel to many park connectors, you can see dragonflies glinting under the sun, patrolling the water’s edge to seek out prey. Urban dwellers may be astonished to discover find many species of birds, besides mynas and crows, in their neighbourhood. Read more about these in Backyard Biodiversity: The Wildlife Of Park Connectors

An important part of conservation is raising awareness. Featured in this issue is nature guide Ms Ling Chai Joo.
Experiencing nature doesn’t have to involve trekking into dense forests in khakis and boots. In fact, Ms Ling Chai Joo, a parent volunteer at Zhonghua Primary School, firmly believes nature can be enjoyed in the urban environment. Read more about her work in Guiding The Next Generation Of Nature Lovers

Check out the latest issue of NParks My Green Space!

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