13 April 2010

Grasshoppers in our 'wastelands'

'Wastelands' may be abandoned by humans. But they are not abandoned by nature. In fact, these areas are often full of interesting wildlife.
Here's some beautiful critters of the Order Orthoptera (grasshoppers and friends) found living in the 'wastelands' of Bedok during M. K. Tan's study. This study revealed 10 species of grasshoppers, 4 of katydids and 4 of crickets in just one series of sites!

Despite the small size of these 'wastelands' and high level of human disturbance, there seems to be a high diversity of grasshoppers here. Indeed, the author warns that there is a risk that orthopteran species of Singapore may disappear before their existence can be documented.

The paper also "attempts to offer the people of Singapore a means to become 'wealthier in understanding, richer in awareness, and more privileged in their appreciation of the land and its creatures' ".

Have a look at the paper for more fabulous photos and identification details!

Tan, M. K., 2010. Orthoptera of the vacant lots in Bedok South. Nature in Singapore, 3: 69–81. [PDF, 1.54 MB]

For more insights into our intriguing 'wastelands', see also Federick's awesome Beauty of Flora and Fauna in Nature. He has amazing photos and lots of information about both the animals and the plants that we often overlook.


Federick Ho said...

Thanks for highlighting this paper and certainly it is useful for me to identify some of the grasshoppers I have shot before. Cheers.

ria said...

Looking forward to more of your posts about all the interesting animals and plants in our 'wastelands'! Yes, I thought this paper was great. So many pretty grasshoppers and friends!

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