10 April 2010

Singapore is home to the rarest mangrove in the world!

Considered one of the two mangrove trees that are so rare globally that they are at high risk of extinction and may disappear within the next decade, Bruguiera hainesii is found in Singapore!
Bruguiera hainesii at Pasir Ris.

According to a recent global study of mangroves, it is "estimated that there are less than 250 mature individuals remaining" in the world. Singapore has three of these rare trees! Two are at Pulau Ubin and one at Pasir Ris!

Here's a closer look at the tree at Pasir Ris.
Thanks to Dr John Yong for sharing about this latest paper: The Loss of Species: Mangrove Extinction Risk and Geographic Areas of Global Concern by Beth A. Polidoro et al. Also thanks to his contributions to the paper, Singapore is represented in this global assessment of mangroves.

More about this study on the wild shores of singapore blog and habitatnews blog.

Update: See also this Straits Times article by Grace Chua for more about the Bruguiera hainesii and efforts to protect it and our mangroves - Mangroves may vanish in 100 years World's mangrove species are threatened by rising sea levels and coastal developments by Grace Chua Straits Times 14 Apr 10;

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