28 January 2010

New facebook group: I love SG Reefs!

Is there any life in the murky and sedimented waters of Singapore? Do you want to know how to dive Singapore's reefs? Yes! And here's how!
I love SG Reefs showcases Singapore coral reefs and the threats to them. It also hopes to be a platform for keen divers who would like to explore our reefs in safety and comfort.

The group was started by Neo Mei Lin, a post-graduate student in the Marine Biology Laboratory of the National University of Singapore. She is also a active marine conservationist and would like to use IT media to promote our local reefs, as well as to increase awareness of current threats to the reefs.

She invites all local veteran divers to share their photos, videos, and experiences diving in SG!
A gorgeous photo of the amazing reefs of Singapore,
shared on the FB group.

And all reef lovers are also invited to share interesting news and information that includes biodiversity conservation in Singapore!

For any further enquiries on how to dive in Singapore reefs, you can contact Mei Lin via email. She will try to advice you on how to do so.

Join the I love SG Reefs FB group and learn more about our reefs!

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