14 January 2010

Singapore Nature: Library Resources

I'm feeling nerdy today.

If you're working on a paper for school or are just curious about nature in Singapore and can't figure out where to get reliable information: read on!

Here are some resources from the National Library:

SG e-books: this is a digitised collection of old books. Amazing, really. All the books on Singapore that's past its copyrights lifespan are now downloadable PDFs -- wow library! It is categorised neatly so you can find books on nature in its own section here.

eResources: the library lets you access e-databases through this site. Really neat if you need serious business access to scientific journals.

NewspapersSG: this is awesome - any of you ever had to go through reels of microfilm back in your days as a student? No more! For The Straits Times, at least, the National Library has digitised the paper for issues from 1845 to 1982. Searching for content in our old newspapers has never been this easy. Go ahead and search for all things nature-related!

When in doubt -- ask a librarian. Librarians are reference professionals - send any query that has got you puzzled and they'll get back to you with a summarised answer and a list of resources you can check out. If you think someone's asked the question before, check out the reference enquiry bank first to see a list of past enquiries.

Singapore National Album of Pictures, or SNAP, is an official bank of Singapore heritage pictures held by the National Library. It is also on Flickr, so that users can add their own photos to the SNAP pool. Check out the nature pool on SNAP and Flickr.

Singapore Infopedia is our encyclopedia on all things about Singapore: check out the nature section here.

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