10 December 2009

Share your sightings!

Saw special wildlife in Singapore? Share it!
Kids on the Chek Jawa boardwalk
Here's some ways you can contribute your sighting to a greater awareness of Singapore's biodiversity.

Add your photo to the Singapore celebrates International Year of Biodiversity flickr group! This group is meant mainly to provide high resolution photos for free download for use by writers and educators. But you can also post your special sightings here.

Or add your photo to the Facebook page for Celebrating Singapore's biodiversity.

Blog about it! Share your photos and experience on your blog and send the url of your blog post to Ria at hello@wildsingapore.com and she will feature it on this blog and on wildsingapore news.

Specialist blogs, flickr groups and websites are interested in your sightings!
To add your record to the national records, consider sending it to these:
  • Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR)
    Online contribute record form
    for uncommon or rare animals and plants observed in Singapore. What happens to your record? It will be placed on the Records page of the Nature in Singapore website after verification by relevant experts. Detailed locality information will be kept confidential.

  • NParks National Biodiversity Centre (NBC)
    Fauna sighting form
    What happens to your record? NParks will review and evaluate the information and retain all information in its archives.
Roadkill is valuable!
Rare dead animals do contribute to conservation. Sadly, it is one of the ways in which we discover our rich biodiversity. Road kills also provide valuable DNA and may even be used as exhibits for outreach work to raise awareness of our biodiversity. More details on From road kill to museum research The Straits Times 22 Jul 01.

Know of any other ways to share sightings not listed here? Email Ria at hello@wildsingapore.com and she will update this list.

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