25 February 2010

'Attap Chee' - on NParks Buzz Mar 10

To celebrate International Year of Biodiversity our wildlife will be featured on NParks Buzz the NParks newsletter.
Did you know that the "Attap Chee" we eat comes from the Nipah palm (Nypa fruticans)?

This palm has a wide variety of traditional uses among coastal dwellers. It also plays an important role in stabilising river banks.

This curious palm can still be seen on our shores and mangroves.

Find out more about the palm in the March issue of NParks Buzz

The Nipah palm is listed as 'Vulnerable' in the Red List of threatened plants of Singapore. According to the Singapore Red Data Book, most of the areas where the palm grows are not protected. So development may wipe out populations of the palm. Only Nipah palms at Sungei Buloh, Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong are protected.

Lots more photos and info also on the Nipah palm fact sheet on wildsingapore.

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