11 May 2011

1,000 fans of the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity facebook page!

1,000 people have 'liked' the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity facebook page! The page features stories and photos of ordinary people who share about Singapore's awesome biodiversity! From otters to birds, tiny spiders to giant trees, remote reefs to forests in the city! 24/7 365 days a year!
Your feedback and help is needed! So that more people can learn and care about Singapore's biodiversity!

Thank you to all who have supported the page with comments and contributions! Especially to Amy Lee who very encouragingly left many 'likes' on posts to the page! This page is maintained by volunteers who love Singapore's biodiversity. We need your help and feedback!

You CAN make a difference!

Tell others about the page

Invite your facebook friends to 'like' the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity facebook page. To do this, go to the page, click on "suggest to friends" found on the right side (in red circle in screen capture below).
A panel should pop up with all your facebook friends. You can select 'all' to recommend to all your friends, or click on individual friends to recommend only to some of them. If your friend is 'greyed out' in the list, it means your friend already likes the page.

Post items from the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity facebook page onto your own facebook stream. This way, your friends will know the page exists. It's easy! From your facebook stream, simply click "share" (circled in red in screen capture below) on any items from the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity page that you like. The item will then appear in your stream with a link to the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity page so your friends can find out more about the page.

Contribute to the page!

You can also post directly to the facebook page! Anyone who likes the page can add links and photos to the page! Your contributions will help expand the variety of stories and photos on the page.

Your feedback needed!

How can we improve the page? Let us know!
Leave a comment on this blog post or on the facebook page!

Thank you!

Some background on the page: Here's some statistics for the page based on "facebook page insights".
Monthly active users: about 600
Daily post views: about 4,000
Total post views: about 100,000
Post feedback: about 200

The demographics of those who 'like' the page is below (click on image for larger view).

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