15 August 2011

20 Aug (Sat): A Public Forum on Forests

Learn about climate change and the ecological impacts on Singapore, and about conservation of our forests in this public forum.
Full pdf on Sivasothi's blog.
To celebrate the International Year of the Forest, 2011, the Singapore Institute of Biology (SIBiol) and Science Centre Singapore jointly present this public forum.
“Climate Changes and the Ecological Impacts on Singapore”
by Professor Richard Corlett(Dept of Biological Sciences, NUS)
Singapore’s National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) is projecting a warming of 2.7-4.2oC by 2100, with no clear trend in rainfall. Climatic uncertainties are compounded by our ignorance about the potential biological consequences of these changes in the equatorial tropics. In particular, we do not currently understand how rising temperatures will affect trees and forests which, recent evidence suggests, already operate near to a high temperature threshold above which carbon uptake declines sharply. Like the majority of the tropics, Singapore will soon be subject to climatic conditions that have not existed anywhere on Earth for millions of years. It’s a new world and all bets are off.

“Conservation of Forests in Singapore”
by Dr Shawn Lum(Natural Sciences and Science Education Group of the National Institute of Education)What we refer to as "Singapore's forests" is a diverse mix of different vegetation types. Despite their relatively small size and isolation, they support an impressive variety of plant - and animal - life. Where are these forest pockets, what can we find in them, and how are they faring? What measures have been taken to protect and preserve them, and what more can be done to conserve them? The talk will attempt to address these questions and more that might be raised at the session.The event is free but online pre-registration is required.

Date: 20 Aug (Sat)
Time: 9.30am – 12.30 pm
Venue: Maxwell Auditorium, Science Centre Singapore map

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