02 September 2011

Meet the people working for biodiversity in Singapore!

20 speakers, 50 posters, all major ecosystems in Singapore! Only once every four years! A great event for those who want to learn more and do more for Singapore's biodiversity from those who are working on the issues!
Registration now open!

Singapore has amazing biodiversity in all major tropical ecosystems: rainforest, freshwater and marine. There's a great deal going on all the time, from research, management to outreach and education.

This one-day event showcases the tip of the spear, a glimpse of the enormous efforts ongoing, and a chance to meet the Real People who do Real Work for our biodiversity.

20 speakers will make 10-minute presentations each, in five sessions from 8am to 6pm. There will also be two special updates about the new natural history museum and the national biodiversity sustainability and action plan.

There will be two long and sumptuous tea sessions, giving everyone a chance to chat and view the expected 50 posters featuring the many interesting work going on for our biodiversity.

More about the Symposium and online registration on the BoSS blog.

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