16 March 2012

28 Apr (Sat): Semakau Mini Documentary contest

Here's your chance to film Pulau Semakau's biodiversity and win attractive prizes.
Nature Society (Singapore) is hosting an all-day event at Pulau Semakau on 28 Apr (Sat) for "Through Green Lenses: A Semakau Mini-documentary/Film Making Contest 2012"

The contest gives you the chance to capture and showcase the unique co-existence of waste management and rich biodiversity on Pulau Semakau.

Theme: Unique Co-existence of Waste Management and Rich Biodiversity
Duration of mini-documentary/film: 3 minutes or less

1st prize: Legria HF R 26 and cash worth $1500
2nd prize: Legria FS 46 and cash worth $1000
3rd prize: Legria FS 406 worth $500

Winners will also get to meet Zeb Hogan, National Geographic Explorer, host of highly rated documentary 'Monster Fish' and judge for Through Green Lenses.

Important dates:
22 Apr (Sun): Video editing workshop cum briefing session
28 Apr (Sat): Filming on Semakau

More details on the Nature Society (Singapore) website

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