04 November 2010

13 Nov (Sat): Talk on "Fabulous Frogs & Terrible Toads"

Fabled as the lowly, green and slimy partner of a Princess in a fairytale, it was planted with a reluctant kiss and transformed into a charming Prince!
Is there more to frogs in the real world than this popular bed‐time story? The truth is: many frogs in the wild may not enjoy a life of ‘happily ever after’ with current threats to their survival.

While most frogs and toads around the world deserve to be safeguarded in their natural home range, a handful of sinister species have had their populations spiral out of control when introduced into foreign lands, creating ecological havoc in
their wake.

About the Speaker: Since his undergraduate days, Leong Tzi Ming has immersed himself chest‐deep in ponds, streams, swamps and other wet habitats in order to see eye‐to‐ eye with his amphibian subjects of study. His curiosity and wanderlust has led him to investigate the frog diversity beyond Singapore’s shores.

Join us as he shares his experience with the frog and toad diversity of Singapore and the region. This is part of the IYB2010 Biodiversity Talks.

Admission is free. But registration is required with jeanne_tan@nparks.gov.sg by Friday 12 Nov 3pm.

Time: 10am
Venue: Function Hall, Botany Centre Level 1, Singapore Botanic Gardens
Website and contact: http://www.nparks.gov.sg./

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