05 November 2010

DIY walking guides issued by NParks

Explore our marvellous biodiversity on your own with these Do-It-Yourself trail guides just issued by NParks.
The trail guides cover a wide range of places including: Changi, Pulau Ubin, Pasir Ris, Labrador, Bukit Batok Nature Park, MacRitchie boardwalk, Fort Canning Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Southern Ridges, Western Adventure Park Connector Network.

Each trail guide includes photos, information and estimated walking time. What a great way to find a perfect trail to match your schedule and your interest!

My favourite would be the Pulau Ubin - Tree Trail which features an "Off the beaten track" experience across the island, highlighting a closer look at interesting flora on Pulau Ubin, the home of the late Village Head.
The Trail ends at Chek Jawa with House No. 1 (Tudor-style cottage with fireplace), and a glimpse of Pulau Sekudu (Frog Island) and views of the sea from the jetty
For the Changi Walking Trail highlights include a closer look at nine magnificent Heritage Trees in the Changi Tree Conservation Area.

The Pasir Ris Park Trail includes mangroves, a kitchen garden, bird watching opportunities from the Bird Tower and fun in the Maze Garden.The Labrador Nature Reserve Trail highlights Singapore’s historical maritime and war past, offers a paranomic view of Singapore’s offshore islands and introduces diverse flora and fauna in the forest there.
There are several Trails for the MacRitchie Boardwalk, highlighting interesting trees and plants, opportunities to spot native forest creatures, panoramic views of the reservoir, dragonfly and damselfly communities and other waterside plants and animals.
The Bukit Batok Nature Park highlights interesting trees and shrubs, offers vantage views of quarry pool from lookout points, bird-watching opportunities and introduces the World War II Memorial Site

There are several Trails for the Southern Ridges. Besides interesting trees and plants both natural and planted, some Trails feature magnificent views, WWII-related events and a chance to spot migratory birds-of-prey. Some Trails are more relaxed, going downhill.

There are several Trails for Fort Canning Park, highlighting a closer look at 25 beautiful trees in the park, heritage trees in the park, the Spice Garden (site of Singapore’s first experimental and botanical garden), heritage trees, heritage elements such as a Keramat (shrine) housing tomb of the last ruler of pre-colonial Singapore, site of Sir Stamford Raffles’ first bungalow, an archaeological dig and exhibition area.

You can even cycle the the Western Adventure PCN - Cycling Trail, which includes the Butterfly Garden at Pangsua PC, mountain tracks at Dairy Farm Nature Park, rock climbing facilities at Dairy Farm Quarry, Wallace Education Centre (learning journey).

The walking Western Adventure PCN - Walking Trail includes the Wallace Education Centre (learning journey), views of wildlife at the Singapore quarry, the nature trail at Bukit Batok Nature Park.

So check out the Trails and download them from www.nparks.gov.sg/eguides

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