10 July 2012

Launch of Private Lives: Rainforest and the DNA website

Last week, a new book ‘Private Lives: An Exposé of Singapore’s Rainforests’ was launched by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.
Here's more about the launch from the RMBR News blog.

This new book is especially timely, after 20 years of the Rio Summit, and reflects well on Singapore—the pioneer of internationally accepted Cities Biodiversity Index. The book documents the rich biodiversity of Singapore’s extant rainforest that safeguards a natural heritage completely disproportionate with its small size. It showcases what precious diversity we still have and the many efforts that have been made to conserve it. Edited by four well known biologists from NUS (Darren Yeo, Kelvin Lim and Wang Luan Keng) and NTU (Shawn Lum), there are chapters by 19 scientists and naturalists, all are experts in their field, with a foreword by the Ambassador-At-Large, Professor Tommy Koh, one of the architects of the original Rio Convention. Aqs with the other books in the series, the many interesting facts inside are presented in a lively, easy-to-read fashion for the general public and students, and augmented with some 600 colour photographs.

Retailing at $22 for the paperback and $35 for the hardcover, this book and other titles of Private Lives is available at RMBR, NUS Co-cop, Nature’s Niche, Select Bookstore, and the Library Shop at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Students, RMBR volunteers, NUS and ExxonMobil staff can purchase the books at 10% discount (available only at RMBR or through mail order at http://exxonmobil.rafflesmuseum.net/)

Also launched was the Digital Nature Archive of Singapore, known as DNA for short, is created to provide a free, searchable digital database of Singapore’s natural heritage, i.e., its flora, fauna and natural habitats. It intends to capture Singapore’s natural history records, including the rich biodiversity archives resident in the university, its professors and many associates over the years. It is a library of Singapore’s natural memories and will serve as a valuable resource for students and naturalists alike.
Read more about the book and the internet resource on the RMBR News blog and about the launch event.

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