19 July 2012

Singapore's living forests, reefs, seashores and more!

What lives in our forests? The latest issue of My Green Space, published by NParks, shares more on this and other fascinating work done for Singapore's biodiversity.
What happens during the quiet orgy in our waters when Singapore's corals mass spawn? Also more about Singapore's first marine expedition and the fabulous new book on Singapore's caterpillars!

A dedicated team of enthusiastic biodiversity surveyors devoted three years of their time to an ecological study on rainforest biodiversity, from 2008 to 2010.
Exciting finds from the forest surveys include the rediscovery of the White-spotted Cat Snake (Boiga drapiezii). It has not been seen in Singapore for more than 100 years! Another rediscovery was the Bicoloured Leaf-nosed Bat (Hipposideros bicolor). This species which feeds on insects had not been recorded in Singapore for more than 130 years! Read more in The Fragile Rainforests of Singapore by James Gan with photos by Dr Leong Tzi Ming.

In A Rare Glimpse into a Scientific Expedition, Jocelyne Sze shares what she saw and learnt from the Expedition. She says "From my time as a volunteer with CMBS, I learnt that knowing what animals can be found where is useful when planning which key areas require protection and conservation. I once thought that as an individual, there is little I can do to influence policies. But my experience with CMBS has made me believe that we can all contribute as citizen scientists and help care for our natural heritage."
More about the Mega Marine Survey and how ordinary people can join and make a difference for our marine biodiversity!

In A Spawning Phenomena, Jeffrey Low and Karenne Tun give a glimpse of what happens during this mysterious event. What forces drive the process? Is it simply a combination of lunar and tidal influence? Or are there other subtle factors involved? Find out more in the article!

The Fascinating World of Caterpillars by Khew Sin Khoon and Horace Tan with photos by Horace Tan, we get an introduction to their precious new book the Caterpillars of Singapore’s Butterflies.
Besides intriguing never-before-shared facts and photos about the mysterious life cycle of our butterflies, the book also shares other information. For example, how to set up a butterfly garden. The book shares tips on landscaping features that are necessary for creating a conducive environment for butterflies to survive. For instance, not many people may be aware that butterflies prefer humid conditions. Hence, it is important to include a water body in the garden. Read more about our Singapore butterflies on the Butterfly Circle blog and website.

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