31 December 2010

2011 is International Year of Forests!

With the theme of “Forests for People”, 2011 is designated International Year of Forests and will celebrate the central role of people in our world’s forests.
The elements in the design depict some of the many values of forests and the need for a 360‐degree perspective. Forests provide shelter to people and biodiversity; provide food, medicine and clean water; and a vital role in global climate and environment. More on the official International Year of Forests website.

What's happening in Singapore?

Check out NParks' 2011: A Forest Odyssey on My Green Space! It has more about the our forests and the role they play.

There's also a feature on Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which is considered ecologically complete, and comprises various types of forest, including a substantial portion of its original, intact tropical rainforest ecosystem. Here, you can also find patches of relatively pristine lowland dipterocarp forests, interspersed with tall secondary forests. This is home to a wide variety of fascinating plants and animals. Read the article to find out more!

Also check out this video clip about how International Year of Biodiversity will seamlessly flow into International Year of Forests, and whether International Year of Biodiversity has had an impact and more.

It will be a Decade of Biodiversity so lots more to share and celebrate about our biodiversity for the next ten years!

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