30 December 2010

22 Jan (Sat): Race Against Time – Science behind a Botanic Garden Tour

A unique behind-the-scenes look at research being done on our rapidly disappearing flora.
Join this free tour by staff of the Singapore Botanic Gardens to learn more about the Gardens’ research work.

Come and explore the hub of the Gardens' research facilities at the Singapore Botanic Gardens to learn about botanical research. Find out about the urgency of plant exploration, collection and scientific documentation as species and habitats continue to be lost in the region. Visit the Orchid Micro-propagation and hybridisation display and find out how new hybrids are produced. You can also enter the restricted domain of the Herbarium and Library to learn about the valuable historical treasures they hold for science and posterity.

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis at the Green Pavilion, Botany Centre (max 20 persons).

Time: 10-11am
Venue: Green Pavilion, Botany Centre
Contact: Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Services at 6471 7361
Website: http://www.sbg.org.sg/

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