13 January 2011

BeMUSE features Pulau Ubin and Singapore's biodiversity

The latest issue of BeMUSE Jan-Mar 11 features lots of stories about Singapore's biodiversity!
Marcus Chua shares wonderful insights in his feature on the natural history of our last best unspoilt island, Pulau Ubin!

Besides outlining the colourful history of this island, Marcus also shares the delightful story of the mousedeer outwitting the tiger, and about the real life Greater Mousedeer he recently rediscovered on Pulau Ubin. He also explores the future of Pulau Ubin.
There's also a feature about the Banded Leaf Monkey found in our forests, written by Andie Ang who has been studying these elusive and endangered animals.
And a fascinating interview with G.K. Goh, Chairman of the National Museum of Singapore who acquired and donated the marvellous drawings of our natural history commissioned by William Fa
Read the latest issue of BeMUSE for more stories and photos.

BeMUSE is a quarterly magazine which features heritage as a lifestyle.

Thanks to alerts on this issue from Marcus Ng

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