20 January 2011

Conservation textbook available for free download

Conservation Biology for All, highly regarded conservation textbook, is now available online for free download.
Edited by Navjot S. Sodhi of the National University of Singapore and Paul R. Ehrlich of Stanford University this book has been posted on mongabay.com, an environmental science and conservation news site, as a free download.

"I am a great fan of free and open access to conservation knowledge," Sodhi told mongabay.com, which was granted permission by Oxford University Press to post the book.

Conservation Biology for All includes chapters on a range of topics including deforestation, extinction, ecosystem services, fragmentation, invasive species, climate change, overexploitation, biodiversity, fire, and conservation. More than two dozen authors contributed to the book.

The authors published Conservation Biology for All in a free and open access format in an effort to make conservation knowledge available to as many people as possible.

Download the book for free from mongabay.com at http://mongabay.com/conservation-biology-for-all.html

See also Conservation 101 guide to go online in Singapore and elsewhere Victoria Vaughan Straits Times 6 Nov 10.

The book can also be downloaded via these channels:

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