10 January 2011

Singapore Red Data Book online!

The latest Red Data Book of Singapore, 2008 is online at the NParks website.
The National Biodiversity Centre, NParks says: "we will add about 10 species every month. In time to come, all the information contained in the Red Data Book will be available online. So look out for new updates every month!"

The Singapore Red Data Book (2008) is co-edited by Geoffrey Davison (National Parks Board), Peter Ng (National University of Singapore) and Ho Hua Chew (Nature Society, Singapore).

There's lots of fact sheets already online. Have a look at them so that you will know when you encounter a rare and endangered plant or animal in Singapore!

Among some of the latest fact sheets are these, with some fascinating insights into these precious plants and animals.

Listed as Endangered, large specimens of the Fluted giant clam have virtually disappeared from Singapore waters. Young specimens are occasionally but infrequently seen.
This beautiful butterfly is considered Vulnerable as it depends on the availability of its host plant.
There is one specimen of this Vulnerable species of stick insect in the collection of the Raffles Museum from freshwater swamp forest in Singapore.
 There are only a few tree of the Merambong, listed as Vulnerable, in the MacRitchie Reservoir area and probably other areas of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.
This spider, listed as Vulnerable, is confined to the mangrove swamps of Singapore, and cannot be found elsewhere on the island.
Listed as Endangered, the Giant chiton is found on natural rocky shores on Southern Islands in the Singapore Strait.

Seen any rare plants or animals? Share your sightings and report them to NParks or the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research so they can be incorporated into the growing information about our biodiversity. More details on how to do this.

The Red Data Book site also has pdfs on
  • The Red List Categories (PDF, 893KB)
  • Nature Conservation Laws: The legal protection of flora and fauna in Singapore (PDF, 3657KB)

So have a look at the Red Data Book site now!

You can also get a paper copy of the Singapore Red Data book from these sources:

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